Hey Everyone,

As most of you know I’ve been trying to make some profit as well as some money to go towards the site by using ads, thats not going so well so i decided to start using donations xD.
So heres how it works.
You can donate to me by:
-You can do this by redeeming a paypal gift cards from swagbucks. Here
-Or sending me it through your own pocket.
-Please send to ezcashgpt@gmail.com Or Click Donate Below

-If you can’t get a hold of paypal money, amazon is fine to.
-Amazon.com / Amazon.ca is fine.
-Simply email the code to: ezcashgpt@gmail.com
-I’m interested mostly in paypal simply because i’d like to upgrade the site before mypersonal wants. But every bit helps.
-What Do You Get Out Of This?
-For helping me, your name will be a special color (currently work in progress.)
-My Private email. Which will help you get into contact with me much faster and i’ll answeryour questions in “pages” not actually but you get the point.
-This includes talks about promoting your website
-And More
-You also get the option post and ad. It be your site, your referral link. Or even a friends site. The possibilities are yours.
-Your name goes under a donated list for all to see. *Optional, I can censor name if you would like.
-You also get a very big thank you from me. :D
-And you get a picture of me :P for those who are so eager to figure out who/what i look like.
Some of you already know but most of you don’t so i figured this would be a good way to
help people donate haha.
Thats About it. Any questions let me know List Of Donors Here:  Click Me

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