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There are 5 ways to earn daily swagbucks. You receive one sb for having the toolbar, one for doing the Daily Poll, two for the NOSO, one(up to 5sb) for trying Trusted Survey, two(up to 10sb) for playing games.








For the toolbar all you need to do is either have it opened all the time, or just sign into the toolbar from here,

And you will see message saying you have got 1sb


To do the Daily Poll you must vote in order to receive your one swagbuck. You can go to Daily Poll from “Earn” tab on toolbar or the menu on swagbuck home page.

Then, choose an answer of poll then click submit and there you have your one swagbuck.


To get the two swags from the NOSOs you must go to them from the same way as you would the Daily Poll.

Once there you will want to click on the big orange ball to get started.

Then all you need to do is either click on the skip or see next offer buttons that are presented to you,


Then, you will see enter captcha and you will reveice your 2 sb from NOSO.


Go to Trusted Survey from “Earn” tab on toolbar or the menu on swagbuck home page.

Trusted Surveys changed the way to ge daily swagbucks now we get credit. We now receive 1 swagbuck (up to 5 swagbucks per day) if we get disqualified or the survey is over quota.

So now go to Trusted Survey page and start doing survey that are available if you disqualify for that survey you will receive this message below and 1 swagbuck for trying it up to 5 swagbucks.


Go to Games from ”Earn” tab on toolbar or the menu on swagbuck home page. You will get 2sb for playing 2 games and up to total of 10sb from game.

Now click on one of the game then click on play for free.

Then, watch the ad and stay on page for 2 minutes without doing anything then, click on Back to Games

Now, do something again click on game play for free and when u click on Back to Games second time you will notice that you have gotten 2sb from playing game

you can get up to 10sb by doing this.

3 thoughts on “Daily SwagBucks

  1. my toolbar changed and now when I try to play game’s it dose not set up like before and when you play one it does not say back to games you can play 20 game’s and get not swagbuck’s how do I switch my toolbar back or how do I access the game’s the way it used to be ?

  2. I posted here 20 day’s ago and not a single response !! but I figured out why this happen’s when you earn alot swagbuck’s they make it harder for you to keep earning since I hit 8000 SBs I have spent ten time’s the amount of time just to earn another 250 I used to be able to average atleast 50 a day i am lucky if i can average that a week now

    1. how do you get a lot (well earn a lot) easily daily. i am busy most of the day but i still find time to get on swagbucks. i do the daily poll and NOSO, encrave, and play a few games plus watch a few video but that only gives me such a little amount. what do you do to earn 50 daily or what did you use to do. i would be happy if i could just earn that in a day.

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