As most of you know I have this site up for free. You can thank me for posting codes or helping you out with a problem or so forth. Just by saying thanks, or thank you in the chatbox is fine. I put up a donations spot a while ago, and I just want to say I wasn’t expecting anything. The amount of people whom have donated is a lot more than expected. Here’s a list of these kind people. *Claps For The Kind People*

-Names will be posted by username/Or Real Name (Last Names will be initialized.)
Izzy (Paypal)
Walt (Payal)
Jane (Amazon)
Bobhanks (Neobux Account With some Cash)
AndrewP (Amazon, Paypal)
Waffles (Amazon/Domain Name: and
kdm (Paypal)
Ryan K (Paypal)
Procain (Amazon) System_Tech (Gave some extra bucks here and there, and let us use a domain for a while to! THANKS SOO MUCH!!! GOLDEN STAR FOR YOU!!)
Michael M (Paypal)
LCST (Amazon)
Jay R (Amazon)
Guy 1(Amazon)
Kstar (Paypal)
Jen (Amazon)
RH (Paypal)
PrizeRebel FTW (Paypal)
Damikk (Paypal)
And all of you loyal members who come and visit everyday.
(If I have missed you please let me know. My sincere apologies)

4 thoughts on “Donors

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