Swagbucks US Swag Code May 9, 2018

Swag Code:
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Valid at: Swagbucks
  • United States
Location: special offers
Expires: 03:00 PM PDT
Worth: 3 SB

2 thoughts on “Swagbucks US Swag Code May 9, 2018

  1. I am sad that we now have to make a purchase to get a SB’s Code! Today’s offer is make a ProFlower purchase to get a code worth 3 SB’s. A purchase entitles one to 2000 SB’s. If I wanted flowers, I would use that. As I see buying flowers I can grow a waste, I only wanted the
    —far below what I expect from SB’s! I hope you will pass this on to SB’s—I know this isn’t your fault! Thank you, Dianne (GrK1357)

  2. That should say “I only wanted the offered 3 SB’s Code as advertised. One doesn’t discover a purchase is required until going to the ProFlower site and reading the new fine print—“
    The initial Code Alert page has not changed; the change is evident when one tries to get the promised code!

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