Text Alerts

Don’t miss another code! Sign up for text message alerts via Twitter. Be notified only when a new code is available in your country!

Follow the instructions below:

USText follow SwagCodeSpoiler to 40404
CanadaText follow SCSpoilerCA to 21212
UKText follow SCSpoilerUK to 86444
AustraliaText follow SCSpoilerAU to 0198089488
IndiaText follow SCSpoilerIN to 53000

Do not leave out the “follow” in “follow swagcodespoiler”!

To unsubscribe, do the same as above, but change “follow” to “unfollow“.

For more info about twitter via sms, visit their support page.

34 thoughts on “Text Alerts

  1. just checking, besides the regular cost of texting will I be charged for the swag buck text codes sent to my phone?

    1. Twitter doesn’t charge anything extra for this service, so unless you normally get charged to receive SMS messages, no. It’s just like getting an SMS from anyone else.

  2. I’ve been getting each text alert twice, but I’m only signed up for the US codes. Is this normal? It can be a little annoying… Thanks.

  3. im not getting my code alert texts today, there was 4 codes & i only got une text alert, why is it not workin right

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Our text alerts are done through twitter. If you’re not getting text alerts, please contact twitter support. Alternatively, you can try re-subscribing.

  4. I was able to get this to work on Google Voice!

    So, this means, that Google Voice supports short code sms now? I hope so!

  5. My phone says I’ll be charged for sending the msg as if it’s some extra fee. I had a pop up come out, something I’ve never seen before. I’ll stick to email..

  6. This was the only thread where it read as “Unsubscribe” I’m trying not to stop receiving emails but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve already tried the link provided in the email but it directs me to asking me if I would follow on twitter for notifications. Help?!

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