Auto-Searcher Premium

The auto-searcher has been a big hit! We’re overjoyed to see that you’re all making good use of it. While the current auto-searcher will remain freely available to you, we’re planning on developing a “premium” version that has even more capability!  This would be an affordable paid service.  Ideally, it will pay for itself in SwagBucks prizes in the long run!  Follows is a list of capabilities:
  1. More customizable settings: modify the amount of time between searches, select the dictionaries you’d like to use for searches, notification sounds, etc.
  2. Notifications (sound, e-mail, etc.) when something noteworthy happens (you win SwagBucks, you’re prompted to enter a CAPTCHA, etc).  The times you’re notified will be customizable.
  3. Per-user win reports and history.
  4. Notifications and an option to auto-enter a SwagCode when a new one comes out.
Of course we’re willing to entertain other ideas. Given this, we have a few questions for you:
  1. Would you purchase this service?
  2. Because of existing security precautions that all modern browsers implement, it is impossible for these features to exist without the assistance of a browser plugin.  Would you be willing to install a browser plugin?
  3. If so, would you also be willing to install Google Chrome?
If you have a free minute, please fill out the following survey to help us out. [polldaddy survey=”93DE14FE8BC06E97″ link_text=”Click here to take the survey”]
Thanks guys! — gc
Also: We will have MANY more features to go along with the premium service, not just the premium auto searcher, and auto code enterer. These are just a few of the features we will have available to you.


6 thoughts on “Auto-Searcher Premium

  1. I would not purchase a monthly subscription but I would spend up to 5 dollars on it, so long as I could get some kind of a refund if it causes my Swagbucks account to become banned.

  2. I wont pay for that.. the classic way is no prob but i’m quite sure this is much more easy… Love your idea gc! Keep it up!!!
    I would like to have these features but I cant afford to pay maybe donate his site but not pay…

  3. We will probably work it so that if you donate to the site (or are a recorded donator), you get access to the premium searcher, plus all of the other benefits you get from being a donator.

    I meant for “paid service” to be very generic — some minimal monetary compensation in some form. It doesn’t have to be a subscription fee.

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We’ll figure out some way to make this available to the greatest number of people possible. 🙂

  4. Please consider bringing this Premium version back to those who are willing to pay for it. Thank you gc. I was supposed to be one of the original beta testers back when it was going to be launched but then my SB account was closed down.

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