There are currently two features available to those of you with access to http://host.sc-s.com that aren’t available at the current version of SwagCode Spoiler.  Because the documentation is scarse to non-existent elsewhere, I’m making a brief post to explain them.  Hopefully this will help you maximize what SC-S can do for you. 1. SwagCode Checker Firstly, we have a SwagCode “Checker”.  This is a very straightforward tool.  Open the page, and leave it open.  Every fifteen seconds or so, it will go behind the scenes and do the following:
  1. Checks the Swidgit for anything out of the ordinary (i.e., saying something other than “There is no SwagCode available.”)
  2. Check if any active codes are available through sc-s.com’s posts.
If either of these things turn out to be the case, you will be notified via a Javascript alert.  When this happens, it will look as follows:
SwagCode Alert
This is what the SwagCode Checker will look like when there's an active SwagCode.
Most Browsers will automatically focus the Checker page when a Javascript alert appears, so as long as you’re at your computer, you’ll know within seconds of a code being out. 2. Dynamic display of active SwagCodes This feature appears in an area directly above the chat box.  It will usually say something to the effect of “There is no active swagcode”. If there is an active swagcode, however, it will be there — whether or not it is a code that you can copy/paste or if it is a code you usually have to go to a page to copy/paste.  This feature will automatically give you your own unique version of a Swag Code if necessary. For example, if the code is SwaGgErXXXX, it will give you a code that looks something like SwaGgEr1Jr4 that you can simply copy/paste into the “gimme box” without worrying about getting it from a page.
This is an example of a "Dynamic" swag code being displayed
I hope this has been useful.  Next up to bat is a notifier that will e-mail/text you when there is an active swag code.  This should be done within the next few weeks. As we work on making the site more robust, enjoyable, and aesthetic, we ask that you please bring any issues or suggestions you might have to our attention.  Please use the “Contact Us” page.


4 thoughts on “Features

  1. I still see people being retarded and asking “what’s the code?”

    Works real well though.

    1. That’s probably because the site that offers this feature is still in beta, and there are very few users that have access to it. Eventually, we’ll transition to using this site exclusively. For now, though, we want to make sure it’s robust enough for general use.

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